We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

5. Am I other than you? "NO"

I understand that when one has severe money problems, when there are different type of tensions all these thoughts do not pop into minds. All the jobs which are being created today are doing wonders for us. They are making us fly to different abroad locations to work. We are facing challenges. We were never in a better position than this. This is the situation of most of the engineering graduates today. What about people from other streams? What about people from Arts, Commerce background? What about government workers? What kind of jobs do they do? Grass is greener always on the other side. It is very easy to talk about these issues as a third person and give lectures. When one steps into shoes of these other people, the difference could be seen. The privilege one is getting could be seen. They are in awe of engineering and IT people because they can see these transformations. If Call centres, BPOs give them money to explore a better life, what is wrong in that? There is nothing wrong in that. When we have such a huge population we will have different kind of people with different aspirations. The way people think is absolutely right. How can they think about all these other issues when they do not get exposure to all of these? When our basic problems are different? When the discussions which are held in friends revolve around normal lives. Nobody is at fault.

The point I am trying to make is. We are capable of doing much better. People have priorities, every person has a different set of problems. The point is do not get lured by the money you are seeing here. Do not become slave of money which is being pumped in. Think about a Career, not about a JOB. Enjoy the money you are getting but do not get submerged in it so deep that you think that is the end of it and you are settled. And there is nothing better than this. Think. Think a lot. Think about how you can make a difference. Think about how you can make our education system better, which holds the key to our progress, I am sure we can do a bit. Get that satisfaction. Contribute. How can you contribute more. By learning more. Do not think only in terms of the next pay-cheque that will arise and the next increment that you would get. Enjoy the money but then move forward. Make it work for others too. Make it work for you by getting more better opportunities. We would have problems. not everybody can afford education. Not everybody gets opportunities. But at least make a sincere attempt.

I am not a geeky fellow. Most of the people surrounding you are not. I do hard work and sometimes the smart work. I feel I had lost the ability to use my brain when I was working in Industry. Our brain can do wonders if we use it properly. But we shy from hard work. We get stereotyped. Once we achieve a certain age we start stereotyping ourselves in different sets. Like girls are expected to get married, Guys start thinking of house loans. Yes its all required. It is the basic necessity. But we should not restrict ourselves because of that.

I think education is the biggest gift we can have. Better education is a key to success. We can make our lives much better if we go that extra mile and do that extra work, to work hard for some time and enjoy benefits at a larger scales later than keeping on working like slaves for the entire of life. The excuse we give is "When am I going to enjoy if I am going to work for all life"...Yes. I think on similar lines. But then I also think from other side.

Point is enjoy but do not get stagnated.

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