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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

1. Early thoughts back in India....

Is Post Graduation necessary?

We are getting loads of money. Money which neither of our parents saw before. Son/Daughter getting better salaries at age of just 23. Parents are happy. Son/Daughter is happy. IT is bringing new thinking ideology in Indian youth. I worked after my undergraduate computer science degree for 3 years in India. Changed 3 companies. Got more money in each shift. I could satisfy all my fancies, be it a bike, a good camera, hotelling....in short life was cool. And I was enjoying it to its fullest. Money gives confidence. Money gives power.

But slowly I was understanding that there is something wrong. My brain is not being used to the capacity to which it should be. Ha,ha, not that I am some great techie or great intellectual fellow. I have seen some of my friends who are really wizards. Who deserve to be called geeks. I am a moderate fellow with high ambitions. There is money. But how much is enough? Does it brings the satisfaction which helps in building careers? What is difference between a job and a career?

MS happened out of this dissatisfaction. And I feel lucky that it happened.And its changing the way I think. Big questions remains money is important, it is support. But better education can bring better money while helping you grow in your career. Some questions I faced while I was doing job.

1.What are my priorities towards my families and to those who I love?
2. From where would money for a MS come from?
3. Why do I want to do a MS?
4. Is it money or is it a new experience?
5. How does MS differ from doing a MTech from IIT and from a MBA?
6. Am I capable of achieving what I dream?
7. Will I achieve my dreams by sticking to the current job?
8. Do I really have to leave this comfy life, the comfort zone and get into study mood again?
9. What about settling in life?
10. What about marriage?
11. Will I get admission to a good school for doing MS?
12. The last question again was Money?

Everything revolves around Money even if one does not want it that way. In these series of blogs I would narrate my experiences about a new life I started. Life of a Graduate student in America.

Outsourcing as seen by Americans would be one of the topics I would like to tell you as I could see here. How is a graduate degree from a good school necessary, how it is different from what job we do back there in India and how it changes the way you look at things.

Happy reading...

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