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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

4. India and outsourcing....

Money is important. I could think of appearing for MS only because I had a better paying job back in India. I knew at least I could pay from my own pocket, the money needed in the application process. I enjoyed my days. I enjoyed them to the fullest.

We never had money in such a abundance before. But the sad part is its making us slaves again. The work we do does not require us to think. To explore. Yes, some body has to do that work. But when as a country we look towards it and think we are making progress, I feel sad. Watch this video about Outsourcing and the contrasting different between economic scales in India's population. One of the comment in this video says, its about a call centre job. "We give them disposable income, they think the job is HOT". I feel sad. I believe we as Indian youth have more power to achieve than just enjoying the money. One line says "We are going to be a superpower". I doubt. Superpowers are not built by growing economies. With power comes responsibilities, are we prepared to handle the responsibilities? Just because you have money which is being pumped in by others, and just because the economy is progressing, a country does not become superpower.


I feel so bad about our education system. We will become superpower only when we have our education system in the right hands. This money is important, I could think of all these things just because of this money which I got. But the point is we should not make ourselves think this is end. We should make better use of this money and think better. Yes, we definitely are moving much ahead in our views, but we need to make use of this in a better way.

The video shows contrasting difference between lives of people. This entire boom in the IT industry is changing lives of all people, if not better then worst. There is boom in the real estate industry. How are common people going to afford the houses when they are built by targeting only the IT people? Is India only an IT country? I live in pune. Go on outskirts of pune and you will see the same differences that you see in that video. I used to think on the same questions back in India and I still feel the same. We are not gaining. We wont be a superpower when only a portion of our population gets the benefits of the changes.

All those questions which I posed in the first post still remain in my mind. But I feel everybody should make an attempt to think slightly different. Think how you can have better lives, think how you can have better futures and think how you can help society. We used to have these discussions back in India. We are aware of these things. But we need to make an attempt.

Where does a Post graduate level study fits in all this? Yes, it fits. We are largely a service based industry. Why ? because our education system does not teach us how to do design? It teaches us how to execute things but not how to do a product development. More post graduates have more exposure, they would think better, they would question the system better. They would contribute better.

I am in US. Why I came here. because I thought GRE was an easy way to get into higher studies than appearing for GATE and entering Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). I feel strongly about our elite education institutions. I wish I was a part of that. Getting into IIT and IIMs is a tough task.

We owe a lot to our society. And I think we should learn to think better if we want to have a great future. We should progress ahead with all stratas of society than just a mere handful of our friends which are with us in similar Industries.....

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