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Monday, December 19, 2011

Papers and posters at ICTD 2012 Conference

Information communication technology for development is the latest trend in helping Computer Science research get into solving practical socio-economic problems around developing countries like India and many African countries. Here is a peek into different submissions of papers for the same for the conference.

Facilitated Video Instruction in Low Resource Schools, Richard Anderson, University of Washington; Chad Robertson, University of Washington; Urvashi Sahni, Study Hall Foundation; Esha Nabi, Study Hall Foundation; Tanuja Setia, Study Hall Foundation

Design of a Phone-Based Clinical Decision Support System for Resource-Limited Settings, Yaw Anokwa, University of Washington; Nyoman Ribeka, Regenstrief Institute; Tapan Parikh, University of California, Berkeley; Gaetano Borriello, University of Washington; Martin Were, Regenstrief Institute

Reporting Water Quality – A Case-study of a Mobile Phone Application for Collecting Data in Developing Countries, Michael Champanis, University of Cape Town; Ulrike Rivett, University of Cape Town

ICTs and Development in the Thai Bureaucracy: An Examination of Decentralization and Organizational Change, Radaphat Chongthammakun, University of Michigan; Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan

See No Evil? Ethics in an Interventionist ICTD, Andy Dearden, Sheffield Hallam University

Improving Community Health Worker Performance Through Automated SMS, Brian DeRenzi, University of Washington; Leah Findlater, University of Washington; Jonathan Payne, D-Tree International; Benjamin Birnbaum, University of Washington; Joachim Mangilima, D-tree International; Tapan Parikh, University of California, Berkeley; Gaetano Borriello, University of Washington; Neal Lesh, Dimagi, Inc.

Considering Failure: Eight Years of ITID Research, Leslie Dodson, University of Colorado at Boulder; Sarah Revi Sterling, University of Colorado at Boulder; John Bennett, University of Colorado at Boulder

On the Relationship Between Socio-Economic Factors and Cell Phone Usage, Vanessa Frias-Martinez, Telefonica Research; Jesus Virseda, Telefonica Research

The Changing Field of ICTD: Content Analysis of Published Research, 2000-2010, Ricardo Gomez, University of Washington; Luis Baron, University of Washington; Brittany Fiore-Silfvast, University of Washington

M-Banking as a Link to Formal Financial Services: Findings From an East African Country, Ishita Gosh, Pennsylvania State University

The Role of ICTs in Downscaling and Up-Scaling Integrated Weather Forecasts for Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, Muthoni Masinde, HPI, ICT4D Research School, UCT

An Analysis of Screen Reader Use in India, Edward McCarthy, University of Michigan; Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan; Ed Cutrell, Microsoft Research India; Tanvi Marballi, NYU Poly

Measuring Water Collection Times in Kenyan Informal Settlements, Julio Miles, U. C. Santa Cruz; James Davis, U.C. Santa Cruz; Ben Crow, U.C. Santa Cruz

Emergent Practices Around CGNet Swara, A Voice Forum for Citizen Journalism in Rural India, Preeti Mudliar, UT Austin; Jonathan Donner, Microsoft Research; William Thies, Microsoft Research India

Power to the Peers: Authority of Source Effects for a Voice-based Agricultural Information Service in Rural India, Neil Patel, Stanford; Krishna Savani; Scott Klemmer; Tapan Parikh, University of Berkeley, California

Anthropology, Development and ICTs: Slums, Youth and the Mobile Internet in Urban India, Nimmi Rangaswamy, Microsoft Research India; Ed Cutrell, Microsoft Research India

Social Networking in Developing Regions, Azarias Reda, University of Michigan; Sam Shah, LinkedIn; Mitul Tiwari, LinkedIn; Anita Lillie, LinkedIn; Brian Noble, University of Michigan

A Prepaid Architecture for Solar Electricity Delivery in Rural Areas, Daniel Soto, Columbia University; Matt Basinger, Columbia University; Sebastian Rodriguez-Sanchez, Columbia University; Vijay Modi, Columbia University

Posters Accepted for ICTD 2012
VillageCell: Cost Effective Cellular Connectivity in Rural Areas, Abhinav Anand, University of California, Santa Barbara; Veljko Pejovic, UC Santa Barbara; Elizabeth Belding, University of California, Santa Barbara; David Johnson, University of California, Santa Barbara

Software for National Level Vaccine Cold Chain Equipment Management, Richard Anderson, University of Washington; John Lloyd, PATH; Sophie Newland, PATH

Sharing in Public: Working With Others in Ghanaian Cybercafés, Michael Best, Georgia Tech; Bence Kollanyi, Georgia Tech; Sunil Garg, Georgia Tech

Drinking ‘WATER Alert!’ for South Africans: Sending Symbol-Based Alerts via a Mobile Phone Application, Deana Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology; Gary Marsden, University of Cape Town

The Midwife’s Assistant: Designing Instructional Software for Diagnostic Ultrasound, Waylon Brunette, University of Washington; Ruth Anderson, University of Washington; Beth Kolko, University of Washington; Alexis Hope, University of Washington; Jacqueline Keh, University of Washington; Wayne Gerard, University of Washington

ICTD Interventions: Trends over the Last Decade, Christopher Chepken, UCT; Raymond Mugwanya, UCT; Gary Marsden, University of Cape Town; Edwin Blake, University of Cape Town

Network Traffic Locality in a Rural African Village, David Johnson, UC, Santa Barbara; Elizabeth Belding, UC, Santa Barbara; Gertjan van Stam, Linknet

Participation through Mobile Phones - A Study of SMS Use during the Ugandan General Elections 2011, Anna Karefelt, Uppsala University; Johan Hellström, Stockholm University

PhonePeti: Exploring the Role of an Answering Machine System in Community Radio, Zahir Koradia, Indian Institute of Technology; Aaditeshwar Seth, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Grassroots Mobilization of Internet NGOs in China: The Cases of www.1kg.org and www.geshanghua.org, Tian Luo, Ohio University

The Role of Gender in Mobile Phone Use: Quantitative Evidence from Rwanda, Ashley Nguyen, U.C. Berkeley; Anita Mehrotra, U.C. Berkeley; Viraj Mohan, U.C. Berkeley; Joshua Blumenstock, U.C. Berkeley School of Information

Assistive Technology and the Employment of People with Vision Impairments in India, Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan; Meera Lakshmanan, Cambridge

Local-Language Digital Information in India: Challenges and Opportunities for Screen Readers, Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan; Vrutti Vyas, NYU Poly; Anjali Vartak, NYU Poly; Avinash Vutukuri, NYU Poly; Yeswanth Gogineni, NYU-Poly; Kunjan Sanghavi, NYU Poly; Vivek Veeraiah, NYU Poly; Kiran Bartakee, NYU Poly

ICT Access and Use by Microentrepreneurs in Mumbai, India: A Value Chain Model Analysis, Vigneswara Pandian, IIT Delhi

ICT Diffusion in the Republic of Armenia, Katy Pearce, U.C., Santa Barbara

Communicating About Users in ICTD: Leveraging HCI Personas, Cynthia Putnam, DePaul University; Beth Kolko, University of Washington; Siri Wood, PATH

Viral Entertainment as Vehicle for Disseminating Speech Based Services to Low Literate Users, Agha Ali Raza, Carnegie Mellon University; Roni Rosenfeld, Carnegie Mellon University; Jahanzeb Sherwani, Carnegie Mellon University; Christina Milo, Carnegie Mellon University; Guy Alster, Carnegie Mellon University; Umar Saif, Lahore University of Management Sciences; Mansoor Pervaiz, Lahore University of Management Sciences; Samia Razaq, Lahore University of Management Sciences

CVDMagic: A Mobile Based Study for CVD Risk Detection in Rural India, Pushpendra Singh, IIIT-Delhi; Amarjeet Singh, IIIT-Delhi; Vinayak Naik, IIIT-Delhi; Sangeeta Lal, IIIT-Delhi

Natural Obsolescence or Cultural Evolution? A Multidisciplinary Case Study of Village Phone, Kentaro Toyama, UC Berkeley; Sara Boettiger, UC Berkeley; Rezwana Abed, UC Berkeley

Designing a Voice-Based Employment Exchange for Rural India, Jerome White, IBM; Mayuri Duggirala, IBM; Saurabh Srivastava, IBM; Krishna Kummamuru, IBM