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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2. US education system...

I am here today because of my parents. They saved money so that I could have a better future. They made me capable of getting what I want, by giving me better education than directly giving me those things. Money remains the biggest hindrance when people like me think about future. But I believe, some way you find a way to manage it. First make an attempt.

I remember my engineering days. How I used to study and how I study now. There is vast and profound difference in the approach. I learned from my mistakes. That is what is called maturity right :) slowly and steadily.

What is that makes an US education system perform better? Some of my conclusions were much more technology awareness, contrastingly less population, MONEY, Research oriented professors, best infrastructure.

Many of you might be knowing this already, but this blog is for those who do not know this system. So Please excuse me if you feel I am not putting some great things over here. This is for those who need direction.

Professors here make me think. The first meeting with a professor ended up like this. We want to make you better designers than "CODE Monkeys". Are we code monkeys? To some extent "Yes". I agree. Do we get broader Idea of what is happening around in Computer Industry around us by working on the maintenance work that we keep on doing? A big "NO". Isn't coding necessary? "Yes", absolutely. But we never change our psychology. Most of us do the same thing always. We are never exposed to the "Big Picture" of the real Computer Science job. Is there any thing wrong in this model, "No". But we need to improve as we move on. And very few of us get chance to improve and broaden our skills because we are dependent on many factors to think outside what we are told.

How do they teach here? They do not really teach. They make you learn things on your own. They make you sweat, get stressed, feel the complex that others around you are much better and you wont survive if you do not rise to that level. They give you framework to move, to guide you. There is a stark difference between Undergraduate education and Graduate education. I teach undergraduate American students. I get money to do that and I love teaching. These students have every facility on earth to get started. We back in India are not privileged in terms of that. Only "IITs" and "IIMs" provide such infrastructure. Still we manage to learn. These kids have great professors who keep on researching. Can you imagine the impact they would have on you if you had these kind of teachers while you were growing? Teaching is a honorable and highly valued job. The professors get paid for their passion for research. We do not have such facilities. Yet, we survive.

Money makes everything possible. Imagine if we had such infrastructure where we could we have landed up?

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