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Friday, June 8, 2012

Technology, knowledge, talk and Implementation

Technology has made a lot of information available to people in a very convenient manner. The more information people have, the more knowledgeable they become, and the more topics they have to discuss and debate.

However, one strong observation that I am having is, these debates need not result into actions most of the times. People are happy to talk about things at length, without taking conscious efforts to change things. The pleasure of intellectual debates pleases most people, with an intense feeling of satisfying intellectual hunger to certain extent. We see academics debating on complex issues, research papers being written to length, committees being formed, but implementations many times lack the same rigorousness that is seen during debates.

What is it that can make people take action and implement instead of just having debates and discussions? Implementation requires discipline, persistence, hard work, and motivation. Is this where humans differ from robots, that humans can think and everybody thinks differently, where as robots are programmed and will do what one is asked to do.

Can humans be programmed to act like robots in certain circumstances? Imagine, 4 people having a strong debate on some complex issue, and after the debate is over, they actually implement the things that they strongly debated about during discussion. And this pattern is repeated, across every discussion. A kind of robotic behavior, where pattern is repeated  multiple times always. The productivity will be huge and so will be the outcome of such discussions.

Knowledge will be useful in the best possible manner, if some thing of this type could be achievable for solving certain complex problems. The problems which have eluded mankind because of lack of consensus and lack of willingness to implement the solutions. 

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