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Monday, June 4, 2012

Dancing and the context

Is dancing a means of entertainment, a means to relax, a means to earn money, or a means to express art?

I was left wondering when I watched a video on YouTube about air stewards dancing in an Indian airplane, on an Indian song, as an attraction theme on Indian Independence day.

Why do girls like to dance? Why India is associated with dance and festivals and colors, and not with many other characteristics?

Why when a bar girl dances in a bar, her dance which is done for earning a living is considered bad for society, but when girls dance at family weddings it is considered a part of culture? Why when dignitaries in 5 star hotels watch girls dancing while enjoying their expensive liquors not immoral? Why when girls are whistled at during college dance shows it is considered Ok and a part of the youth culture, but when girls are whistled at on road it is considered a matter of morality.

So context matters. Contexts are decided by the society. And so society decides what context is good and what context is bad. How should one decide upon then about how good a society is? For example, western society, eastern society, or a hybrid society.

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