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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Food, hunger and studies

Hunger and food are a delicate issue for any graduate student.

As an American graduate student, I used to crave for free food such as Pizza, sandwitches that used to get served in seminars. Seminars also hosted free food to guarantee an audience to fill the rooms. Thus it was complimentary for both hosts and attendees.

I have always wondered how easy life would be if one could satisfy ones food needs without much efforts. Food is considered one of the basic needs for life. What if there is an amazing answer to let humans live off without having any food for days like some animals for example, beers do when they hibernate in winter.

Huge amount of defence research gets done to prepare food bars which would stuff maximum energy in minimal quantity which soldiers can carry with them when on mission in remote areas and toughest environmental and geographical conditions. Astronauts are provided with special kind of food to let them sustain in space. 

General public at the most gets the energy bars (Cliffhanger brand from US) that can help make one feel full for some time. But, by far a good solution does not exists. Is there a market for such a product? What if there are pills for different type of food items which would make you feel full and provide the body with enough energy that would have obtained by eating normal food. Worlds food problems could be solved and there would be much peace. But considering the fact that it takes 15 years for a drug pill to get introduced in market, after its first envisioned and the amount of research money spent (up-to 1 billion dollars) on these drug pills. Creating an artificial food pill looks a herculean task.

Who would eat such food because after all many people live their life so that they can eat to fullest and live to enjoy :) I would be the first client if such a pill would ever come in existence.  I would love to eat a pill which would make me feel full when I am working on some deadline, and without having enough time / will to prepare and eat food.

I wish. 

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