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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Intelligence and exposure

Are intelligence and exposure complementary terms in defining and making a student? Is intelligence inborn or can it be built by sufficient exposure? These are some of the questions that needs to be addressed and thought upon highly by any educationalist who has responsibility to teach, mentor and guide.

The problems with most of the Indian colleges is that they fail to understand that exposure is immensely important in making educational activities interesting. With exposure arrives interest, and the curiosity. These two are the the most essential part of any learning based activity, since it keeps students hooked to the learning environment.

Intelligence and exposure go hand in hand. Exposure provides different dimensions to raise intellectual question asking capacity, observational skills and ability to analyze situations from a critical point of view.

This is where most of the Indian institutes fail, since for providing exposure to students, teachers must be highly exposed to good teaching habits, good ethical practices to indulge in innovative research and ability to guide students. A teachers role is to provide a vision to students in terms of how the current teachings fit in a larger perspective of things, from academia, industry, society or any other perspective. And for being able to tell students all these things, a teacher has to have that much knowledge himself and sadly most of them do not have it, unless they are a PhD, which officially gives you an authority to teach.


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