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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Children and speeches

Today is India's Republic day.


How many of you know what a republic day is my first question. Does it signify anything in the lives of the Indians is my next question.

In millions of school across India, millions of speeches are made, by students, teachers, politicians saying lots of things. How many of these speakers understand what they are speaking?

Next to my building is a primary school, where a local politician made some speech. He mentioned something like "Our leaders fought for things so that our lives could be better" blah blah. My simple question is, why torture children with so much of nonsense? Are these children able to understand even a single thing that is being mentioned in there? Yes, some of them may be. But if only some of them are able to understand it, what is the meaning of wasting everybody's time by indulging in activities which are going to end up in nothing concrete coming out of it.

So next question is, what could be an alternate way of making children understand the importance of freedom struggle, the importance of a free India, the importance of taking motivation from such acts etc. Games. Games are a great way to learn things in a playful ways. Games could be arranged to make learning such acts in a natural and attractive way. Learning should be fun. Drama's is another way. Basically any form of Art and power of expression could act as a powerful medium to convey the message. Speeches get boring. They become a memorized version of some teachers view points, wherein students do not have maturity to understand the complexities of the content. Why make their life complex when you can make it simple.

Now one most important question. Why it is not being done? Because nobody gives a damn about it. Our politicians are busy in looting this country. Our parents are busy in thinking about how to earn more money to support a better lifestyle and our teachers are happy that they are not being supervised for not doing their job and still getting salary. I feel pity about millions of poor children, who under such hypocrisy suffocate. Adults kill the curiosity in children much before they could leave their childhood. These are implicit killers, unlike the girl child killers who are so rampant in India. A latest report estimates about 8million girl children are aborted in India every year.

So whats the option. Technology is the option. In coming decade we will see lot of proliferation of technology enabled learning for children, wherein they will be able to exploit different aspects of their childhood in a more better manner.

In my lifetime, I would like to be woken up in an India wherein a poorest kid would be attending school, and be understanding what it means to be born in a free India. Is it possible? I pray, to make this possible. I pray, Indians get brains to invest their money in the right thing, which are their children. Else this country which has already gone to dogs, will see no return from its misery.

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