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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Asking the right questions ...

It is said that an intelligent man asks the correct questions. Ask yourself do you?

It is also said more often that talk less, observe and think more. Now ask yourself, do you?

When you will be required to ask the correct questions, you will be expected to have understood the context to ask the questions. Asking correct questions is more relevant in high profile environment like when you are talking with a high profile person. It is important that you let him talk and answer your questions, than you trying to explain him how great you are. With the limited time you have in hand, it is required that you ask the correct questions, so that he will talk more and you will listen and observe more.

RTI act, empowers common citizens of India in the same manner. By asking correct set of questions, one can get lot of data, which till date was nowhere seen. Asking correct set of questions though is very important.

Talking to a public or government official, if you ask the right set of questions, it shows you are familiar with the context and the environment and are aware of your rights. Chances are you will get good treatment, after all, knowledge is respected after a certain degree by even most not so much knowledge respecting person also.

So ask right questions. Let right questions come to your mind and let you try finding out answers for them. Many times answers are fuzzy, no problem.

Having questions is more important than having answers in the long run ...because that shows that you have brains :) and you are capable of thinking :)

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