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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Robotics in Metros

Robotics seems to be the latest craze in Indian metros. I am coming across lots of summer camps targeted at children, which deals with robotics. Here is a sample I came across today.


Feels good that kids in the metros are getting exposed to some practical aspects of learning through fun. Agreed that it is a commercial activity, where much learning can not happen, since one can not except kids to learn about building robots in some 2 day training course. Where are the basics?

But good part is atleast there are such facilities there, by which kids could be able to think. There is extreme awareness about lot of things in Indian metros and every parent wants their child to be ahead in the competition and there lies a huge market for all businessman. Kids are a sensitive subject and anything that deals with them is sensitive. Businesses know how to play with your emotions and your future. :) But, good that some thing constructive is being done.

Question is the gap between Indian metros and Indian villages is widening day by day. Indian villages are rotted in the same old style, when metros are progressing by leaps and bounds. In recent times, I have visited lot of villages in Maharashtra and I do not find any improvement in the condition of peoples way of living there.

It feels bad to see village kids spending their time, in some dusty field without any body to guide them, when their city counterparts are busy preparing for a bright future. They too want to have a better future, but where is the awareness? Except for the work of some NGO's and some really driven people, who are very scarce in number.

Real democracy will be achieved that day, when Indian village kids will be able to utilize their time, in the best possible manner, so that they can compete with their city counterparts. Because then India would have achieved progress at village level too and would have a really equal society. I think that is the real democracy.

Robitics seems the flavor for time being. And I am going to attend one of these camps for sure out of curiosity of how they are conducted.

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