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Monday, June 21, 2010

Everybody can learn

I am a strong believer of sharing philosophy, that it almost gets suffocating when I come across instances where under the name of competition things are hidden. Friends hides job placements, employees hide access to information and knowledge transfer, parents hide intricacies of teaching their children how to live a meaningful life, government hides information that would aid its citizens take correct decisions.

Most of this hiding comes from a strong sense of competition that is imbibed in us right from childhood, because if your own child wont succeed some body else's will and that will be bad. Failures are considered miserable and sometimes reprimanded with strong punishments. The hiding games begins from this stage and then it continues. I will call it the act as self preservance.

Here is a great cause by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to share the knowledge for a better world. They have some of the best taught courses available here, from the best professors in the world.


But some how I strongly feel that inorder to learn anything scientific, you need to understand how to learn it. As I said before, there are different methods of learning, and just because it is from MIT, things will not get straightforwards and start twinkling in your head. This is the kind of learning that gets experienced in American schools, IITs and IISCs.

Kudos MIT for the great step. I wish many more universities open their doors like this. But the most important stuff is to let have lectures which will tell the prospective learners how to learn this material and what is the procedure.


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