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Thursday, October 23, 2014

You could be The leader .... at the traffic junction ....

I remembered the good old India days, almost before I left for MS in USA, after watching the video promo of "Satyameva Jayate". 

The video shows how your behavior at Traffic signal can tell a lot about your personality. In crux, at night when there is reasonably less traffic, while most vehicles pass red lights, a single car stops, and after the car has stopped as a chain reaction, other vehicles also eventually stop at the signal. And then Aamir khan says, this guy who stopped first will watch our show, while the others who just passed by will not....He is watching from a balcony overlooking the signal. 

What reminds me about this video, is this is the exact same thing that I used to do back in India to make people stop at Traffic signals. No matter if there is any body at the signal or not, I would be standing there with my motorbike until the signal turns green. Some vehicles would pass by me, but eventually watching me stopped, many vehicles would stop and wait. 

Simple acts like this, can bring out the leader in you to tackle the social problems that India faces. People just want a representative to follow, and if your intentions are good, they will follow you. What matters is the ability to stand out from the crowd, stay put no matter what happens, and show that courage to take the first step. And then you will have followers.

Satyameva Jayate .....Long live the truth and my country. 

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