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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A social experiment ....Which is a more tough job, being Doctor or being an Engineer?

The title is a bit misleading. I quote it just to give a glimpse into the kind of dilemma jobs related to the professions like Doctors vs Engineers face.

Any profession that deals with human element directly in day to day activities, I quote it as a Doctor's job. For e.g. medicos, psychologists, physiotherapists, therapists etc. etc. Any thing that has a flare to deal with emotions and psychology.

Any profession that does not deal directly with human elements on day to day basis, I quote it as an Engineers job. For e.g. Engineers, scientific researchers, ......

When human elements get involved as a part of your job, many times the sufferings that the person is going through, makes the job difficult to deal with. For e.g. when a doctor treats a medical emergency, and the relatives know the skills of the doctor could make or break the critical situation, Doctor's role becomes critical. Having extreme control over one's emotions is extremely critical in such situations. When a psychologists treats his patients, listening to their sad stories is a part of the job and controlling ones emotions is a critical part to not mess up with the situation. Treating patients as subjects, and not getting emotionally involved is a critical part of these kind of jobs, because a lot of personal success also depends on how emotions could be handled to keep the situations in control.

An Engineer type of job then could be said to be not involving these kind of stresses, as one deals with machines, and there ought to be no emotions involved, no attachments generated, so the stress generated due to these factors is much lower. Its a different story that the stress due to other factors such as intense deadlines is a different aspect. However, overall emotional maturity of an Engineer should be relatively less compared to the people involved in the Doctor's kind of job, simply because these kind of jobs simply do not need that skill set.

Is it the case then that many engineers are also very less adapt in social situations, where emotions are involved? For e.g. how would a very smart engineer behave in a situation that needs extreme emotional control, while dealing with a subject. For e.g. lets consider the Engineer decides to enter into a social experiment. (Many engineers are actively involved these days in philanthropically activities etc. and have to deal with socio-economic problems and related situations.) Many times these kind of dealings bring it with, unusual circumstances where after a prolonged encounter with a subject, the Engineer might lose his emotional control and get attached to the subjects, that he is experimenting with. Now, mind you, the Engineer is very smart and he knows what he is doing, but after staying in the similar situations constantly, one tends to lose focus of one's larger mission and tend to get localized in local situations. As an Engineer it is very difficult to realize this kind of situation and get out of it asap, because the involvement in such activity brings a certain attachment, and the subject does not remain the subject any more, but becomes a part of the social structure around. Coming out of this local situations then becomes a nightmare, and this is where the jobs like Doctors win, because these people have developed an immense experience to work in similar situations, while staying emotionally strong.

The world needs both Doctors and Engineers to do the kind of work, that needs to be done, done. What is important is how people involved in one kind of job has better advantages in certain situations, than others. And how the people who do not have such advantage could be made stronger to deal with these kind of social situations ......

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