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Monday, August 29, 2011

Engineering and doctor

If engineering has something to deal with engines aka machines. For example, auto-mobile engineering with auto-mobiles, computer engineering with Computers, Robotic engineering with robotics, aeronautical engineering with aeroplanes etc, then if the human body is the ultimate machine, why it is not termed simply as human engineering or something similar?

Why did the term *medical* come into existence? And if all of these people who are trained to operate in the respective engineering fields are called Engineers, why is a person who operates on human body (the ultimate engineering machine) called a doctor?

Coming back to the Computer Engineering terminology. If brain is the ultimate processor that could never be reproduced in terms of artificially created computer processors, then that makes the neurosurgeon ultimate engineer, because he operates on the ultimate super-processor aka brain. Now since he does not really reproduce any new processor but keeps on analysing the existing creation by lets assume GOD, he is actually an engineer of highest calibre, who understands and fixes functioning of brain. Remember he does not produce new brain. He just operates on existing ones. Experiments, analyses, draws conclusions and provides analysis.
Lots of abstract ideas and thoughts as I start thinking about this in more and more deep.

However, the term doctor still confuses me now that I have thought on this. A doctor should be some sort of a "Bio Engineer".

Interesting thought.

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