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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Information and Internet

There was a time, exactly 5 years back, when I felt dire need of lot of information. I felt why I do not understand these. I felt why don't I have access to the things that I want to have access to.

I tried getting information access by visiting British library. I tried meeting different people. I tried the best without anybody's guidance. Today, when I look back, I feel I did best to my knowledge. Without anybody to act as a mentor and without Internet that was the best I could have achieved.

Today, I regret so heavily how I lost some of the precious time that I lost, because I did not know how to search for the correct information in the correct way. I regret because I feel what a fool I was, because I did not know how to think correctly.

So, when I think back, I feel kids today are more fortunate, when they have Google to their help. When they have a ready made wikipedia which helps them with information at their fingertips. I believe Internet and wikipedia is the best leveler that this century has witnessed, because with information, comes awareness. And with awareness comes awareness to know more and it builds the curiosity which is so much needed to keep on learning new things and finding new innovative ways to solve new problems.

I so strongly feel, there should be classes in schools which make kids aware how to look for information. Because I know, take our parents generation and you will feel lot of lack of awareness and a fear towards technology. There should be awareness at all level to access the information and to make it work for your own benefit in the best possible ways. And I believe by showing people the way, there will be great benefits.

Information is the best way to make our lives better. Its a new way of education. The one which need not be taught in schools by conventional teachers and yet it could be a lot rewarding in making our lives better, slowly and steadily.

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