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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Discussions are an extremely important tool for generating new ideas, keeping motivation alive, brainstorm and solve new problems.

How many colleges in India provide a platform for free discussions? There is a difference between college and university. Most of India has colleges, which are at extremely sub par level in terms of education because they staff poor faculty, who are not qualified enough to teach students. If 90 % of students learn in such colleges how are we going to get quality students out who are going to make quality contribution. India suffers because it produces tons of college students who when graduate hunt for a means for earning their bread and butter.

Discussions are an effective way to provide knowledge transfer. Every discussion should be started with a prerequisite study of its topics, followed by healthy debates amongst the members. It helps gets ideas clear, it helps in studying effectively because now you have multiple ways of learning from different people. It helps in making concepts concrete.

The same is true for corporate culture. Indian software developers are considered code monkeys. Because they can not think, and all they understand is how to code rather than being innovative. The root lies in our industry, in our education and in the people who want to nurture this system to provide a way to earn money for themselves. Discussions do not happen in corporate rooms too, because people are not knowledgeable enough to hold such discussions.

These are some important shortcomings and as they will improve things should improve.

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