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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Perception vs reality .....

Some times we do things out of our own perception ignoring the reality, or not wanting to see the reality. However, what happens when we have to face the reality breaking the perception we built?

In an ideal world things work perfectly. Consider TV serials, movies, with a perfect plot where bad things are overcome by good things, things move fast to pace up the story line. It is during these times we understand that what are being shown is the perception of the writers fancies of how the ideal world should be. 

However, there is nothing like an ideal world, so if you try to control to make one, it can only happen through a forced perception, where you make yourself in believing things that you want to see in an ideal world. It comes at a cost of ignoring the hints that things are not ideal the way they should be, and the way you want them to be. 

However, the perception can not hold much longer if it involves lets say people, because people might be pretending to be fitting into your perceptive world, or you might be trying to fit them into your ideal world. Sooner or later, they give in only to realize that things are far from ideal. In a fictional story, things could be made so ideal, but real world behaves differently. 

So when this perceptive world does not hold any more, and realities creep into it hurts, because things do not stay ideal. Then mind can play games with you to understand why in-spite of all your tireless efforts things do not look the same the way they looked earlier. And then mind goes for a toss, in a endless spiral trying to figure out where did it all start, and how it went out of control until the mind which was controlling the ideal world became part of the world, and got dragged into its mindless fallacies. Coming out of this trap when the perception breaks could be a nightmare because the mind does not understand whose fault it was that the ideal world does not exist. It starts blaming things endlessly on different aspects blaming lets say the subjects that were part of the ideal world, failing to realize they were not ideal in the first place, they were just pretending to be ideal to match the expectations of the perceived world to match its creators fancies. 

Things could go terribly wrong if the mind can not understand the trap of falling into the endless blame game, thinking why ideal world does not exist anymore. Emotions creep into blinding rational judgments, and causing a downward spiral again. The effect can drag on for a considerable time unless there is realization of what exactly happened that lead to this situation. External stimulus could be then dwarfed by the fact that mind is not in control to understand such facts to improve upon the conditions, unless either time passes by to let it recover, or some strong external stimulus creates the necessary circumstances to let the recovery begin. 

However, once the recovery begins, you realize that you understood something crucial about yourself, that will help you become more stronger in understanding your own self to understand such situations better. And then that completes the necessary learning of you as a person.


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