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Friday, July 12, 2013

Emotions and Ignorance

Is there a relation between emotions and ignorance? I often think on this question.

How to define emotions? In my perspective an emotion is the state of mind as a response to thoughts, and other stimuli.

What is ignorance? Ignorance is lack of knowledge about certain things. In a broader context ignorance is lack of awareness. The awareness could be either about surrounding subjects, or the self awareness.

So a good question to pose is, does the lack of knowledge / lack of awareness leads to emotions ? Or emotions are independent of knowledge and could be triggered no matter the situation. Does the self awareness helps to control them, so that you are aware when emotions start building?

Crowd mentality is a result of subjective lack of knowledge and resulting emotions. Nostalgia is again an emotion, however it is independent of subjective knowledge. However, by being self aware there could be definite control on being nostalgic. Anger is an emotion which arises mostly due to the lack of knowledge about the complete situation, and misinterpretation of the situation based on one's own perception.

And there could be plenty of such examples ... However, now that I have scribbled these thoughts, I see a good relation between emotions and the ignorance, which I did not see earlier. 

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