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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Krishiraja....An innovative farmer's story

Necessity is the mother of invention. 

Creativity could emerge out of desperation and the need to survive. 

I came across this inspiring innovation story and felt like sharing. Its about a poor farmer in rural Maharashtra village who became an innovator to overcome problems in farming his small land and built a portable device using bicycle parts. He was awarded the "National innovation award' and has helped many poor farmers like him overcome obstacles in farming practices. 

With ‘Krishiraja’, a portable device made from bicycle parts, Gopal Bhise has made ploughing feasible for poor farmers

A more detailed version with picture of the device is here. 

For details readers can contact Mr. Gopal Bhise, Shendurni,Taluka: Jamner, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, phone: 9970521044 and Dr. Nitin Maurya at email: nitinnif@gmail.com and info@nifindia.org, phone: 079-26732456 and 26732095.

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