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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Clouds in a Room ...

I am always amazed by clouds. Especially in Netherlands where the weather is always cloudy, that seeing blue clear sky with sun, is a treasure. While returning from Istanbul from a conference and watching clouds float in the sky from the plane. I imagined about clouds, the science behind clouds, and a lot of other related things. I wrote some of those ideas on my plane napkin. 

One of the prominent idea I imagined was, what if I can create decorative small clouds using some small machine (like a fog machine) in my own room.. Will it be possible? What opportunities lie in such an idea. 

For example, lets say, there is a children's birth day party and I want to    simulate a room filled with clouds instead of Baloons. What would it take to make clouds in a room? Can I make thunderstorms happen in those clouds artificially? Some wild creative imaginations.  

Today I was delighted to see the exact thing I thought counted amongst one of the best inventions by Time in 2012. Here is a picture. I do not know the authenticity of the claim below. The feeling that I get ideas which are worthy is fine to feel happy :-). 

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