We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steve Jobs - The genius

Steve Jobs passed away. I read this news with a great shock. The man who ushered an era of animation and the touch has gone forever.

A brief look at his life explains the motivation he drew. He was raised in the campus in Stanford. Many a successful American Technology Entrepreneurs were raised in the vicinity of Stanford. Would Steve Jobs be the same man, had he had missed this opportunity? Being raised in a charged environment at the peak of silicon valley's knowledge mecca, produces its own effects. It imbibes the entrepreneurial spirit, for which silicon valley is known for. It exposes one to the geniuses and their visionary thoughts.

Why can't India produce a Steve Jobs with such a brilliant population? Who is to blame? When technology is considered a distinct child whose existence is being felt just in last couple of years. How can we produce Technological marvels, and the visionaries of technology? Why America stands at the forefront of technology?

I believe there are many Steve Jobs amongst us, however they are lost permanently by the nonsense that goes around in India because of vested Interests of a few people such as politicians and corrupt section of society, which wants to keep India chained to the shackles of caste, religion, and poverty.

Interestingly Steve Jobs was not much famous for his philanthropic efforts, though he emerged from a very poor family background. Bill Gates who was born family rich, is on opposite end. He is turning out to be the biggest philanthropist.

Rest in Peace Steve. You changed the lives of people on this planet in a lot of different ways. Your legacy will never die.

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