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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mobile based jobs

Could mobiles be used to generate employment in developing countries? This is an interesting question.

Mobiles by far are used as the means for communication in the present context. Right from an top end executive to a low end construction worker owns a mobile now. And the penetration in the low end section of the society in India is going to increase in coming time.

A crucial question to ask is. Could this vast technological device be used to generate legal employment. Could low end micro-tasks be generated, distributed and completed on mobile phones? If yes, what type of tasks could they be? Who would generate them? What kind of payment method be employed for such type of jobs.

This is a hugely interesting question and as mobiles become more powerful mobile based employment would start picking up slowly. A key question could be, if such jobs are available, would the low end people be willing to work on such jobs in temporary time? For example. imagine an auto driver instead of chitchatting with his friends in his idle period of waiting completing a temporary job on mobile and earning some income.

Interesting proposition and I feel slowly this type of trend will pick up. There are already some moves in that direction.

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