We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tornedos and education

American states were again hit by powerful tornados that destroyed huge amount of property and resulted into 40 casualties. While swifting through the photo essay on www.Time.com I was prominently thinking about the after impacts of such natural disasters, which totally change the course of life for the affected.

I was particularly sad to see the amount of destructions being made to public property such as school buildings and children swifting through the leftovers from destroyed school buildings. What is the impact of such disasters on lives of these young kids?

This is a world of competition. We keep on hearing, seeing and witnessing that around. Such a competition that people will go to any extent to be unethical in right manner, to protect their interest to stay afloat in the competition. Its the survival of the fittest. What gives them authority to compete? Competition could be of different types. Intellectual competition, monetary competition etc. In intellectual competition, you are a winner only if you are persistent and understand the basics very firmly. There are quite a very few rockstars, when it comes to intellectual stardom. Why? First because it is a skill that usually needs extreme nurturing and builds on the past. What do I mean by that? what I mean is, if you grew up in a wrong environment, chances are that you picked up wrong things, and wasted a lot of time of your life, when you could have actually learned lot many good things. Your intellectual abilities were left underdeveloped because they never got exposed to lot of formal ways of learning. Making money vs making intelligence are two extremely different things. Making money is comparatively easy. I go outside and rob a person. I have money with me. Intelligence is not the same. You can not rob another person of his intelligence. Where I am heading to, with all this gibberish?

Point is. If tornado's or any natural disaster destroys property and change the course of life for people. How do these kids who lost so much of time because of no fault of theirs will ever compensate for that gap which they faced in their education?

Now this brought me back to my second thought. Is it dependent on society or individual? For example. In a country like Japan, USA where people have extremely strong ethics, where people understand the value of time, things are extremely productive. People are aware that such problems will arrive in kids psychologically, and take care of the same. But if we consider developing countries like India, where people are so unethical and the rule of survival at the cost of others are so much prevalent, people actually might behave in a totally different manner. They actually might feel this is an opportunity where their competition is removed altogether? Corruption starts even at such recovery levels.

So the question is, is the professional attitude, never say die attitude of these so called modern professional societies like Japan, USA is built because in the first place they are always being surrounded by such natural threats? Because they know, they will have to stay disciplined to move ahead in life, because such disasters will keep on happening? And is the total chaos that we see in lets say Indian situations is because people are so lethargic and unprofessional and do not understand value of time, that they believe nothing great changes if some people in their country suffer.

If this is the case, how will these underdeveloped countries ever reach developed status? Because its the question of attitude? Does developed status only means, lots of money and constant media projected boasting of high GDP and economic growth?

I beg to differ.

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  1. Well said! I think the culture and the nature of the society really differs a lot. For example, Japan after WWII atomic disasters still managed to become such a developed nation. We on the other hand, without any such major devastating war have never managed to go to such heights of development. We have such a huge man power but it is not utilized the right way. No doubt the Indian crowd is very lethargic in nature, be it Govt. employees or HR in big IT companies. We need the go-get-it attitude in day-to-day life and not just cricket matches. Sometimes I feel there was a reset button ..that could set our country to square 1 and start everything afresh! Rules, laws, constitution, everything!