We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I many times wonder why people fall short of appreciating things that deserve appreciation?

Appreciation is very good. Even if it means saying things are good even if they might not be great and outstanding. It helps build positivity and confidence and a feel good environment, which is beneficial for both the receiver as well as contributor. It gives motivation. It makes one feel being noticed and for however small time it might be, worthy of doing something that has some value.

We are humans. We stay in society. We depend on each other for different things. We constantly feel threatened by competition for better things. All it takes to keep moving forward in such a competitive world is a bit of notice of the work that you have done. Some positive words, some encouragement, some positive attitude that even though things might not be great, they will improve in the future with more hard work and concentration and dedication. A small note of appreciation can go in a long way to establish all these claims in the receivers mind. It will build a feeling of respect towards you, because you care to take a note of his/her work. Criticize if it has fault, but be constructive. Criticism is also a type of appreciation, though it might in a different sense, but still it conveys the main message, that Yes, somebody cares, my work is not a waste.

All it takes on ones part is to be frank and open minded and value the quality. You might be present in an environment where all the people around you are extremely ahead of you in terms of whatever you are doing. If in this kind of environment, you get neglected because you can not be on par with them, it could act as a major deterrent in that person progress and thinking attitude. But this is what that exactly happens in our society. People chase the bright, they chase the ones who are already established and could provide immediate benefits. Many a stories could be found where a small appreciation could have resulted in long lasting impression in ones mind.

Appreciation is good. It helps both parties. You do not do any good by discouraging a person who is trying to do something. The appreciation by you might result in a better confident attitude which might bring more talent, which might bring out hidden positivity. If you want to be better than your competitor do better work, build healthy competition. It will result everybody. The positives of appreciation are much higher than the negatives.

Try it. Be good to those who try and appreciate the efforts they take. Because all it takes on your part is some word, but it might be the only hopes the other person has in terms of moving ahead.

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